Henan Yixing Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, 24 years, under the correct leadership of Party committees, governments at all levels, has developed into a natural gas utilization, the logistics of agricultural products, the State Reserve, gas power generation, wine business, financial investment of six pillar industries of modern enterprise group. Under the jurisdiction of the 7 subsidiaries, 1 share-holding subsidiaries. The existing total assets of 2500000000 yuan, the staff 2000 people, including 20 expert consultants, Graduate 20 people, bachelor degree or above, more than 50%. In 2012 sales revenue of 1500000000 yuan, profits and taxes 150000000 yuan, 6000000000 yuan in transactions. Has been rated as AAA grade credit enterprise, Henan province Shou contract re credit enterprises, Henan A-class tax credit enterprises, Henan provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Zhoukou city of advanced collective, charity work top ten integrity unit; be China's wine industry association, China Food Circulation Association as a "national top ten best drinks channel control force dealers", "the national ten big super operators", in the commercial wholesale 500 strong seventy-sixth. Private enterprises in Henan Province hundred twenty-sixth, 150 key enterprises of service industry in Henan province. "Million Star" trademark for the well-known trademarks of Henan province. In 2013 the business goals to achieve sales revenue 1670000000 yuan, profits and taxes 177000000 yuan, 8000000000 yuan in transactions.

       Billion Star Group has always been adhering to the "grateful to the government, based on people's livelihood, the development of enterprises, the development of society" and the concept of enterprise value, city gas utilization, Huang Huai agricultural products logistics market, the state sugar reserves, meat reserves, project 2 × 300MW gas-fired power plants are related to the Ji Minsheng, social responsibility, by the state the relevant ministries, provincial, municipal leaders at all levels of care and support, in promoting the development of low carbon economy development, stabilize market prices, service "three rural", have made outstanding contributions to improving people's quality of life!

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